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Jot Event Connect Social Networking

With Jot EventConnect™, your organization can enjoy an affordable social networking & communication system built around your Conference, Exposition, Tradeshow or Hosted Buyer Event – with features that can be easily accessed by iPhones, Android units, iPads, smartphones, and laptops!

Our Attendee Social Networking and Messaging Engine…

Simple communication or messaging from any location, OR a sophisticated social networking tool - you decide!

Attendees will enjoy the following features and benefits:

Integrated Planner-to-Attendee Communication...

Let your participants know what you need them to know, immediately. Send out critical updates, messages, or new information simply and accurately.

Exceptional Event-wide Communication Options:

Jot EventConnect™ is a Major Sponsorship Vehicle

Jot EventConnect™ is a great vehicle to recruit or retain sponsor financial support with exceptional branding exposure opportunities.

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Easy to set-up. Simple to use. Budget friendly.

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