iExchange™ — eBusiness Card Exchange & Social Networking

eBusiness Card Exchange and Social Networking for Conferences, Trade Shows, or Hosted Buyer Events

iExchange™ is our eBusiness Card Exchange and Social Networking System designed to be used by everyone at your event.  Attendees collect contact information from other attendees by scanning their name badges utilizing our mobile app or MicroScanners. Think of it as lead retrieval for everyone, with the added support of a robust online community where attendees can search for, learn about, and connect with other event participants.

One key feature for its success?  Only one device is required for contact information to flow between two people.  Most other systems require that each person have a device for an exchange.  Not so with iExchange™ - it sends each party the contact information of the other person whether they have a scanner or mobile app, or not!

A low price point makes it a smart, complete social networking alternative for your next conference, tradeshow, or hosted buyer event.

(What is Reverse Lead Retrieval?)

iExchange™ features and benefits include:

Our cloud-based social networking management system...

Both parties of the exchange have access to our cloud-based Social Networking Management System to review their contact records, make notes on records, create groups from their scans, or send personalized thank you messages, invitations, special offers, and other important information for quick follow-up.

iExchange™ is the SMART choice!

Affordable. Smart. Green.